(2)2" Round Marker Clearance Lights(Red)

2 inch Round Marker Clearance Lights
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  • Item #: M-011R
  • Manufacturer: Sunway Mechanical & Electrical Technology
  • Condition: New
2 Pack of 2" Round Side Marker Clearance Light - Red
DOT FMVSS 108 Compliant

Great offer on a 2 pack of 2" round led lights

Offered in either Red or Amber.

2 lights every order.

2" Round , 9 Led, Red

+ 12 Volt

*Surface Mount or Rubber Grommet Mount (not included)
We also sell Rubber Round grommets and two prong pigtails. 
As kits and 4-Pack kits
Best fit for Semi Trucks and Trailers most popular item with all Tow Trucks.
Big Orders are always highly welcomed!! Please contact us for quoting!!






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